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What is a percentage and how it is calculated in mathematics?
The word percentage is from Latin words per centum, that means by a hundred. The Percentage is a number/ratio expressed as a fraction with a denominator equals to 100. For example 25 % could be expressed as
A percentage value is denoted by the percent sign %, also the abbreviations pct or pc can be used. A percentage is a pure number, it does not have any unit of measurement and is dimensionless.
/Usually percentages are in a range from 0% to 100%, but they could be greater then 100%, e.g. 150% or 240%, or they could be a negative percentage like -45%. These percentage values are usually used when it's necessary to descrive changes in values or compare the values.
Percentages are used in numerous situations of our everyday life. We use percentages to represent different financial and business aspects, express price changes, discounts, taxes, interest rates, show statistical information, analyze trends, evaluate performance to track progress, compare data and in many more situations.

Percentage Expert - your ultimate percentage calculator app

Percentage Expert is designed to help you quickly solve different types of real-life percent problems. Whether you need to calculate price after discounts or tips, perform VAT calculations, compare values or measure value increase or decrease, calculate the interest rate on loans or saving accounts, or you just need to check your math homework, our percentage calculator can help.
You don't need to be an expert to solve percent problems, Percentage Expert will do it for you.

What is the Percentage Expert calculator used for

Percentage Expert can help you with a variety of percent problems:
- What is p% of x? Example: What is 25% of 180?
- Find what p% of y is x (X is what percent of Y)? Example: What percent of 150 is 30?
- x is p% of what? Example: 45 is 30% of what number?
- Add and subtract % to a number Example: 250 + 45%
- calculate percentage change (increase or decrease) between two values
- VAT calculation (net price, gross price, VAT amount, VAT percentage)
- Calculate the price with discount (sale price) and savings
- Convert percentages to fractions and fractions to percentages

Where you can use Percentage Expert

You can run Percentage Expert locally on your device (computer, smartphone or tablet) or you can use an online version in a web browser.
Percentage Expert is available for Mac OS, iOS, Windows and Android systems. Get your percentage problems solved with Percentage Expert. Get Percentage Expert
What is the difference between desktop and mobile versions of Percentage Expert?
Some applications provide a broader scope of features and options in a desktop version than in a mobile one. It could be a case that a desktop version covers all the app features while a mobile version is lighter a simpler and covers more basic functionality.
In case of Percentage Expert, the application is designed in a way that allows users to use a full set of features in all the three versions – mobile, desktop and online versions.

How to use Percentage Expert app

The application is designed with simplicity in mind and it's really intuitive and easy to use, just download the app on your device select what do you want to calculate and enter the necessary values. And Percentage Expert will do the rest.
You don't need to be an expert to solve percent problems, Percentage Expert will do it for you.

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